Mr. Brian S. Murley


Middle School Mathematics

Master of Science in Education, Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Teacher Leadership from Southern Illinois University

Bachelor of Science Degree in Middle School Education with an emphasis in mathematics and science from Murray State University

Teaching Philosophy


Flexibility. As a teacher I need to be flexible in my teaching style to meet the needs of students. I also need to be flexible in working with the other teachers in the building to achieve the best possible learning environment not only for my students but every student in the school.

Love. You must have a love not only for the subject you teach, but for the students as well.

Ingenuity. Being creative and thinking of new and exciting ways to teach the material so that students are eager to learn.

Goals. Having goals not only for yourself but for your students as well. Challenging yourself to become better, and setting that bar a little higher each day for you and your students.

Higher level thinking. Taking students to levels of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Talent. Using my talents to bring the best out of my students and my teaching. Also, using the students talents to enhance their learning.